These are the Rules which apply if you use any assets from Image Store. As intellectual property is at the heart of our business, we must be respectful of other people’s intellectual property rights. Misuse of the assets could result in Pearson having to pay significant damages, so we need you to take responsibility for complying with these Rules.


  • only download and use assets for Pearson’s business needs (e.g. products, marketing or presentations)
  • only use cover images in their entirety
  • ensure that where a cover includes a third party image, that the rights have been checked to establish whether permission was granted for the image to be used for promotional uses


  • take any images (whether third party or Pearson owned) out of the context of the cover and use in any other way
  • distribute cover files to any external parties without a contract (containing confidentiality provisions) being issued

Should you have any technical issues with the Image Store please contact the Pearson Helpdesk.

Should you require Rights guidance please contact